Thursday, May 13, 2010

The meantime & in-between times

Many people ask us, "What exactly are you two doing until the baby arrives & it's time to move?" Well...for now we're just chillin' in our beloved Norman, working, & hanging out with friends & family as much as possible. Billy has a job at AT&T in Edmond as a customer service representative; basically he gets paid to have angry customers phone in & call him names. We keep trying to remind ourselves of the temporary nature of his job, & the wonderful things awaiting him in a few months. :) Kate is doing locum tenens work as a PA part time at a rural family practice clinic. It's a pretty easy job & has been good for boosting her clinical skills; she is enjoying finally getting to use all that stuff she learned in school! So other than appointments with the midwife, birthing class, accumulating boxes, church stuff, & spending as much time together as possible, that's about it for the Smiths these days.

On another note, we had a nice day together on Mother's Day last Sunday - Kate's first! Billy made it very special with a gift & a cake even! Can't believe we are parents! We are counting the days until we get to meet our precious little girl!