Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Time, Part 1

I love summer.  Everything is more relaxed and there are so many fun things to do.  Billy finished all of his coursework in May, so he has been doing independent study to prepare for exams in the fall.  This means he is working at home a lot, and has a much lighter schedule.  It has been fantastic.  I'm trying hard to take in all the joys of summer - it goes by too quickly! I'm also trying to learn that an experience does not require pictures and internet documentation in order for it to be real, valid, and memorable for our family.  I've given up seeing every activity as a potential blog post, and instead I'm just trying to live  life alongside those I love.  If a blog post happens, that's bonus. :)

"How short the days are long, how fast the days of slow go away!"

Maryn is growing up so quickly.  Swimming lessons have been a big summer activity - it's one of those parent-child classes where you get in the pool with them.  She is still pretty tense in the water, but I think she is enjoying it over all, and she's learning a lot.  We have this really awesome family fitness and activity center nearby called the Kroc Center with a pretty neat pool. We have also gone there outside of lessons just for fun on a day pass with friends.

Ready to swim!
Playing with Elliott

Pregnancy is going well.  I'm starting to experience various discomforts, but nothing serious.  I'm definitely much bigger than I was at this stage with Maryn, but otherwise the two pregnancies have been very similar so far. We have been talking a lot about baby Hudson, trying to get Maryn excited about his arrival.  She calls him "baby Buh-ben" and likes to kiss and pat my belly.

Me at 20 weeks

We recently participated in this year's Pregnancy Care Center Life Walk in Niles, as we did last year as well.  They raised over $30,000 to fund a new ultrasound program, which is so exciting!

Friends at the Life Walk
With Brette at the Life Walk
Hope, Maryn, and Elliott
We also went to Lake Michigan for the first time, and hung out at Silver Beach with our friends the Esteps and the Gaudets.  It's such a cool place - beautiful beach, splash pad, carousel, restaurants, etc.  Maryn was not a big fan of sand, and then it ended up raining so it wasn't the best experience for her.  But we hope to go again soon.  And we did get some super yummy pizza followed by delicious ice cream shakes.
Waiting for pizza
Olivia and Maryn 
Apple on the beach
We also got a zoo pass this year, and have been a couple of times. South Bend has a great little zoo, perfect for the toddler crowd, and Maryn loves it.  Also, it's only about a 5 minute drive for us, so it's an easy way to get out of the house.

Watching the lion! 
On the choo choo train!

Here are some other random summer pics for your enjoyment:

We spend a lot of time outside on the deck.
Water table fun
Playing ball with Graycie 
Mother's Day 2012

Father's Day 2012
In her 4th of July dress

Shopping at Target
Picnic at Notre Dame
Pool time with Elliott 
Mango Italian ice!

We have a busy July planned.  Next weekend Billy and I are going to Chicago for a weekend get away.  Maryn will stay with the Esteps - it will be our first night away from her!  Then we have a 2 week trip to Oklahoma planned.  We can't wait!