Friday, March 18, 2011

Eight Months Old

I'm past due for Maryn's eight month old update!  She is getting to be such a big girl, doing so many new things.  Although when I see other babies at the clinic I realize she's actually pretty small.  :)  She hasn't been weighed or measured in a while; I'll put that in next month's update after her check up with the pediatrician.  Here's the latest in the life of Maryn:

  • Right now, Maryn's biggest thing is making all kinds of new sounds.  You saw the video I put up of her saying "gggg" for Graycie.  "Bah" is another big one.  She's also really into this whispering thing that she does.
  • My favorite development is KISSES!  She has been voluntarily giving the sweetest kisses of all time!  She has the cutest open-mouth pucker, and she'll grab Billy's or my face, lean in, and plant a big kiss right on our lips!  So of course I ask her for them all day long!  :)  I'll try to get a video.
  • She's doing better with eating solids.  In the last week or so, she's taken much more of an interest.  She loves her oatmeal cereal, and avocado is her favorite food of all time.  I'm trying to get her to like more green veggies.  She is also liking finger foods, like baby cereal puffs or little pieces of mango or pear.  She also tried little pieces of steamed cauliflower.  We're going to try yogurt this week.
  • Her schedule is pretty much the same.  Five day time feedings (she drinks 5-6 oz when Billy gives her a bottle), solids 2-3 times a day, three naps, bedtime between 7:30-8:00pm, and one last feeding before I go to bed around 11pm.
  • She loves to sit on the floor and play.  Her favorite toy right now is the baby smart phone Billy got for her.  Another favorite is the shape sorter; she loves the little shapes/blocks and also loves the mirror on the bottom of the container.  She gives kisses to the "baby" in the mirror.  :)  She also likes her little piano.
  • Another favorite thing of Maryn's right now is bouncing.  She wants to bounce all the time - on the floor, in her exersaucer, in our arms.  And she waves her little arms in the air while she bounces and laughs.  Or she'll do that excited breathing thing that babies do.  The family that hosts our small group has a jumper thing that she just loves.
  • Spring is beginning and the temperatures are starting to rise.  We went on our first walk with her the other day.  Billy carried her in the Baby Bjorn while I had Graycie on the leash.  Maryn enjoyed it.  We're looking forward to lots more time spent out in the sun.  I need to buy her a sun hat.
  • I don't think we have an athlete on our hands :). Still no signs of mobility.  She doesn't really seem interested in moving from place to place.  She still hasn't even rolled over from her back to her front.  She doesn't scoot or anything, not even in her crib. She wants to sit up all the time though, and occasionally she leans forward onto her arms, so I'm guessing this will eventually evolve into pushing up onto all fours and then one day crawling.  I'm just happy I haven't had to child proof yet.  :)
  • The most difficult thing for Maryn in the last few weeks has been teething.  She's getting four top teeth all at once!  The two on her right side have come through, but the two on the left are still just barely beneath the surface of her gums.  This means we've had some nights that weren't so great.  I hope they come all the way through soon!  Although I'm sad to lose that sweet gummy smile.  Teeth make her look older.  But just as cute, of course!  :)
  • She still loves when we sing songs to her.  New favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider and Pat-a-cake.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Gifts

Today is brag on my husband day.  Billy is not big on gifts.  They don't mean all that much to him, and he's really hard to shop for.  He also doesn't like surprises.  He's more of a quality time person.  I, however, love gifts and surprise gifts speak love to me.  Billy knows this, so even though he's not a "gift person", he likes to pick out things to surprise me with, and he's very good at it.  We don't spend much money on each other, but a little something every now and then goes a long way to tell me that he loves me! Lately, he has really outdone himself. 

Here's a necklace he surprised me with last November.  It's Maryn's birthstone.  He said it was a "just because" gift, and a thank you, for being Maryn's mom.  Isn't it pretty?  And he bought it on Etsy - how hot is that, ladies?

I got these ceramic owls for Christmas.  Billy ordered them from West Elm, a store I didn't even think he knew existed.  He bought them because he knew I was looking for a ceramic greyhound, but those are all just ridiculously expensive.  I was so surprised, and I love them!  I decided it's a momma and baby.  I named the momma Owlivia and the baby Archimedes (trivia: name that movie).

I got this pretty jewelry bowl for Valentines Day.  Billy ordered it from Pottery Barn; once again, a surprise - I hadn't even looked on the PB website in months.  He knew I needed a place to toss my jewelry at night.  It looks beautiful on our dresser.  I wish my jewelry looked this cool in it, haha.

Not sure if this lovely apron counts because technically I bought it.  I came home from shopping the other day going on and on to Billy about this adorable apron I found on sale for really cheap.  I've always wanted a cute apron.  I just didn't feel right about buying it for my self.  But Billy made me go back the next week and buy it, and said it was from him.  He said I needed it anyway, because I make such a mess when I cook.  :)

Billy's gift giving skills apparently don't stop with me.  We saw this cute little "smart phone" on sale in a mailer from BabiesRUs.  We joked that Maryn needed it because she always wants to play with our phones.  Today Billy went out to get his hair cut and he came back with this as a surprise for her.  That's right, he went into BabiesRUs all by himself and bought this!  What a great daddy!  And this is definitely Maryn's favorite toy now - she just loves it.

I have the best husband ever!!! Can't wait until our anniversary!  :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maryn's Ear Reveal

Well it's been just over 3 weeks since Maryn's otoplasty and I think it's time for some before and after pictures!  She has done so great with everything, praise Jesus!  There are still several sutures in place, a tad bit of swelling left, and a few more weeks of healing ahead, but everything is pretty much the way it's going to look.  As you can see, the growth was very complex.  It's just amazing what the surgeon was able to do without a skin graft.  Thank you, Lord, for such a successful procedure and a skilled surgeon!  I apologize that the before pics aren't very clear, I took them with my cell phone.