Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Favorite Things: Books and Music

The Smith household has been getting into the holiday spirit. There's something about giving birth and having a baby around the house that has opened our eyes to see the beauty of the incarnation in new ways. It is so unfathomable to think of God choosing to enter the world in such a humiliating manner, to become totally dependent on human beings, to take on flesh in the form of a baby for us. As we celebrate Advent and the coming of Christmas, here's what we've been reading and hearing to help us set our hearts on the miracle of Emmanuel:

Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus Edited by Nancy Guthrie: we've been reading selections from this book out loud together in the evenings. It's a collection of Advent readings by present day and historic authors and pastors, and we have loved how each night we are reminded of "the riches of Christ come to earth."

Behold the Lamb of God by Andrew Peterson and other various artists: Best Christmas program ever. Every church should perform this every year. Christmas = the Gospel (set to really awesome music by very talented people).

Christmas by Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn: Our favorite husband and wife duo, there's something for everyone on this holiday album.

A Girl and Her Dog


It has been snowing for the last 5 days. We got a little break from it today, but the snow will start up again tonight. So far, we have gotten a foot of snow. Northern Indiana and southern Michigan (known as Michiana around here) get hit pretty hard every year due to lake effect snow from Lake Michigan. From what we hear, there is snow on the ground pretty much all winter long. We are trying to adjust to the idea of it. We bought snow boots! Here is a video Billy took from the first day of the snow storm: